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Google Expands Free Phone Networks

Google Free Phone Call

Google Free Phone Call

In Gmail there is a service that Google Voice reinforced where it allows users to make phone calls to the destination number. And now Google has expanded the feature into 38 languages ??around the world as well as lowering tariffs.

This expansion makes Gmail and Google Voice users to make free domestic calls and international calls at super low rates claimed. Only by downloading and installing voice and video plug in, users are able to make this call.

The cost to make calls to the U.S. or Canada for example is charged 1 cent per minute, whereas if the call is made from within the United States and Canada alone, then he will remain free until the end of this year.

Calls are directed to the UK would cost 10 cents per minute, and 15 cents for calls to Mexico. Being a call to all numbers in China and India will be charged 2 cents per minute.

Promotion and expansion of telephone coverage as well as the enrichment of language in the Gmail-based phone service is accompanied by improved services. Google says it has reduced noise and improve sound quality.

Unfortunately not all countries assigned to this feature. Gmail users who are outside U.S. territory can check availability of the service when he saw a green phone icon at the top of the list chatnya.

Google launched a service that is like Skype. But Google, as quoted by VentureBeat on Wednesday (03/08/2011) says it does not see Skype as a competitor.

Skype itself responded by saying that Skype is the only real-time communication tool that can connect anyone, anywhere with any device

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