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Former Topless Photo Spread, a man imprisoned

Former Topless

Former Topless

A man had languished in jail for their actions in cyberspace. Man named Shane Webber is known to have been humiliated his ex-girlfriend on networking sites.

Webber was found guilty because they have committed spying (stalking) at Ruth Jeffreys (23) which was then becomes his girlfriend. Not enough just spying on Jeffreys, Webber also post private photos of a sexual nature Jeffreys on friendship sites.

Quoted from Metro, Tuesday (01/11/2011), the man from Nottingham is to use the site Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr and Google Picasa so that parents and friends Jeffreys saw the pictures.

Perhaps because they feel less satisfied with the friendship sites, Webber reported also send as many as 50 photos to the site intimate adult Jeffreys. Jeffreys topless photos were also sent to hundreds of contacts Jeffreys.

Nekatnya induced it, Webber finally have languished in jail for 4 months over the decision issued by Southampton Magistrates court.

Judge Anthony Callaway Webber said that the act violates a person’s privacy. Webber was also ordered not to repeat his actions again and contacted Jeffrey banned for 5 years.

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