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Wow! The high rate Attorneys Samsung & Apple

Apple and Samsung LawyersApple and Samsung have long fallen out about the patent. In addition to spending time and energy, both vendors also spend a lot of money to hire a lawyer.

The dispute between Apple with Samsung has been going on for about 15 months, the agency handling the case law is also predicted to have a very large income from handling the case. A document also appears to say how the fee that each lawyer lined up.

As quoted from ArsTechnica, Tuesday (07/24/2012), Morrison Foerster law firm hired by Apple mentioned a rate of USD 526 per hour. Rates are quite high, even when compared to the average lawyer in the United States. [Read More]

How to get tech jobs information on the internet?

Technical JobsIn recent years, many job seekers are looking for a job through the internet. apart easily, the search results via the internet will get quickly, because it does not require a lot of time to get information via the internet. they could find a job on the internet through search engines like google, yahoo, or other search engines. but some are looking for information on job sites that specialize in providing information about job vacancies. There are several sites that are believed to be in the job information, so it is very helpful for those who want to get a job through the site.

[Read More]

Instagram writhing in China

InstagramInstagram name is still a hit, not least in China, where success is evidenced by the number of photos dipload to Sina Weibo.

Sina Weibo, or the many who call it a Twitter version of China, reportedly inundated by many as a hundred thousand images Instagram. This happened just a month after the lapse Instagram adds support to the microblogging service.

The report further states that users are enamored with Sina Weibo Instagram and register themselves, there are as many as 50,000, as reported by TheNextWeb, Tuesday (04/01/2012).

This figure is quite remarkable considering Kevin Systrom (founder Instagram) was not too excited at the Bamboo Curtain country.

Speaking in Beijing last November Disrupt, Systrom admitted he was interested to integrate with social media sites of China, but did not deign to set up offices there. He also said that he did not think too much about China.

But it seems it did not rule out the possibility of developing Instagram community there. And decision making applications up to keep it separate from the site seems to be the right decision. For as is known, China blocked the use of the giant networking site.

Developer can not wait to get it for free blackberry 10

Blackberry World 2012 EventBlackBerry World 2012 event attended by thousands of developers from around the world, including Indonesia. The developers of these applications can not wait to taste the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha prototype that will be distributed free of charge.

High interest to the developer’s latest OS platform mengoprek RIM is also felt by the developers and activists such as Ibn Maksum BlackBerry, Deddy Avianto, and Adiputra Faizal, who attended the event which took place in Orlando, Florida, United States, the.

“The new BlackBerry 10 distributed tomorrow. Free, just for developers only,” they said to ITGazine, Wednesday (02/05/2012).

They are curious about this new OS. Ibn especially impressed with the look of the BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 is. “The look is very cool,” he said.

“UI (user interface) was different. Integration easier. Development tools is also easy. Till tomorrow to sample it,” said Faizal.

BlackBerry smartphone prototype 10 is introduced directly by RIM CEO Thorsten Heins it was the middle so the talk of technology enthusiasts. [Read More]

Intel Reveals Windows 8 Tablet Specifications

Windows 8 TabletThis year, the tablet computer Windows 8 is planned to be present by holding a few large manufacturers. Intel, as one of his supporters would like to divulge what the Microsoft tablet idea.

Intel said tablet Windows 8 will use a dual core Atom chip Z2760 Clover Trail. The chips have a feature called ‘burst mode’ to add power when needed. Clover Trail processor technology also can act like hypertreading up to quad-core chip in a certain time.

Intel reveals tablet Windows 8 will also have a battery life up to 9 hours. It also has 4G connectivity, NFC technology (Near Field Communication) and weighs only about 680 grams.

Not yet clear exactly when Windows 8 tablets were introduced, reportedly by the end of 2012. Tablet Windows 8 will likely be a significant rival to the iPad and a row of Android-based tablet.

Moreover, major manufacturers such as Dell, Hewlett Packard Lenovo expressed readiness to make a tablet with the OS than Microsoft’s. Similarly, as reported by TechRadar and quoted on Sunday (7/15/2012).

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