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Enjoy your second life in your Virtual World.



Are you already fed up with activities in the real world? maybe the question is rather silly, but it is. many colleagues in my office who also felt saturated with activity every day, like prepare breakfast, then went to the office, undergoing routine menjenukan office, meeting clients, and many other things. if you feel the things that I mentioned earlier, you are not alone, you have the same feelings with thousands, even millions of people around the world feel the same, saturated. [Read More]

WebOS Death Before Developing ?



Neither Gartner or IDC was equally predict that Android will become the number one operating system on smartphones. Followed by several other systems such as IOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

In 2015 Android Naturalife Greenworld estimated market share of 48.8%, 17.2% dikutit IOS on, then Windows Phone 19.5 percent, then the youngest filled by BlackBerry approximately 11.1%. So what about WebOS?

Launched Tomsguide, Saturday (09/04/2011), Gartner predicts WebOS have a very small percentage could even be extinct within the next 4 years.

Despite this predictable but still WebOS can not be underestimated. Once annexed from Palm, HP invests heavily and have a special team to develop the operating system.

Intel Launch Sandy Bridge Intel Celeron Soon

Intel Sandy Celeron

Intel Sandy Celeron

Having launched the Sandy Bridge generation at the beginning of the year, Intel also plans to release a cheaper version of the architecture. Sandy Bridge new Celeron chip was going to be released in quarter 3 (Q3) 2011.

As quoted from Softpedia, Saturday (04/09/2011), three for the desktop Celeron chips based on Intel’s Sandy Bride being prepared.

But perhaps the Celeron does not support the features of Turbo Boost, Hyper Threading, and AVX have been the mainstay of Intel technology. This is done to reduce the price of chips to market more cheaply.

These products will not be used to replace the architecture Wolfdale (E3400 and E3500),which was launched in January 2010.

January 2011, Intel launched the Core i5 and second-generation Core i7. While his model i3 comes in February 2011. Just wait for Sandy Bridge comes cheap in Indonesia.

5 Reasons PlayStation 3 to bulldoze the Xbox 360

Playstation 3


After all these years, the popularity of the PlayStation 3 finally managed to bulldoze the Xbox 360. It is anticipated by the following 5 things.

Based on data from Strategy Analytics, the PS3 currently played 43.4 million users around the world. While the Xbox 360 is thin behind him with 42.9 million. The reports record sales footprint to closing the year 2010 suggests that Xbox 360 sales eroded, even predicted until next year.

Quoted from Planetxbox360, Friday (8/4/2011), there are some things that make the PS3 will be more successful in the future. Like 5 of the following: [Read More]

Get a Dell Laptop AC adapters with a very cheap price

Dell AC Adapters

Dell AC Adapters

Do you ever annoyed with your laptop because the battery is dead, or not to work properly. we find a lot of laptop batteries often drop the case only some time after we bought the laptop. this is often the case, I also never experienced anything like this. I had several times to buy a new battery, but equally, do not last long, probably because the battery brand that I bought it cheap. but after I bought the laptop battery at online store that’s recommended by my colleague, the laptop battery last very long. I am very pleased with it. I have a dell laptop, I bought from my colleagues a few months ago. laptop that he was selling because it’s a problem with the battery. he was difficult to get a Dell Laptop Batteries, because it’s on the market very rarely online store that sells high-quality Dell Laptop Batteries. [Read More]

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