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Zune Not Really Dead

Microsoft Zune

Microsoft Zune

Some time ago, bad news comes from Microsoft. Zune music player is rumored to be closed. Microsoft was denied, the Zune has not really dead.

Zune closing issues arise because of the achievements, the Zune is not too bright on the market. Until when the iPod continues to evolve into the latest generation iPod Touch is thinner and has a camera, the Zune has not been giving fierce resistance. Even for the Zune HD.

After hearing the news that Microsoft will focus on the software, you can imagine the Zune’s hardware production will be stopped. With the presence of the Windows platform 7 Phone, Zune to the market penetration can be more reliable. Especially with the merger of Nokia to the Windows platform Phone 7 (WP7).

“All electronic products have a period of time. Zune HD is now 18 months old. Zune hardware is now part of WP7,” said Dave Mac as the manager of business development Zune hardware, as quoted by HotHardware, Wednesday

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