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YouTube Capture Fierce Tsunami in Japan

Youtube Japan Earthquake 2011

Youtube Japan Earthquake 2011

Earthquake measuring 8.9 Richter scale shook the Japanese and massive enough to cause a tsunami. Effects quake was felt up to Tokyo, 373 km from the epicenter. Impressions brunt of the tsunami which was broadcast live on some television stations showed horrific atmosphere. For those who do not get to see the show on television, but would like to see what the magnitude of the earthquake and tsunami, the YouTube site to be a reference. Some users are already crowded to upload on the situation in Japan.

Even Al Jazeera television station presents a live broadcast via its official page on YouTube. They show the current situation of the terrible disaster that are befalling the country Sakura. The two videos at once shown by Al Jazeera. One presents video footage of the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. Then one more video featuring the latest state of the live broadcast is happening.

When typing the word ‘tsunami Japan’ and filtered by date of upload, the video also shows a row that already displays about the severity of the situation in some areas of Japan. For example, a video titled Japan Tsunami, showing fierce sea water swept the land and everything in it.

YouTube, the video sharing site owned by Google is, it has often become an online service to provide a visual situation that is warm events occurred.

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