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Windows Mobile Phone 7 ‘Translucent’ Earth Atmosphere

Windows Mobile 7

Windows Mobile 7

Scientists at the University of Southampton, UK, in collaboration with Microsoft’s conduct scientific experiments with ‘flying’ phone based on Windows 7 Phone at an altitude of 70 thousand feet above the earth’s surface.

Pilot project which is part of Atmospheric Science Through Robotic Aircraft (ASTRA) shows how the platform can be used to send payloads with atmospheric monitoring equipment. Subsequently, the cell phone menstreaming cloud data into an application built on Windows Azure.

The trial results will be useful in the development of Windows 7 Phone application to track the location of the handset and hot-air balloon, and then predict the exact landing place.

Reported by Cellular News, Thursday, (31/03/2011), during the flight one hour, the phone Windows 7 Phone functioned as on-board data logger, a tracking device and communication relay.

Andras Sobester, one lecturer of University of Southampton said his team wanted to explore the outer layer of the atmosphere using the ‘drone’ is affordable, in this case, Windows 7 Phone mobile phone is used.

“This study allows the collection of data that will provide new insights about how the higher layers of the atmosphere affects the earth’s climate and environment through technology that is cheaper,” he said.

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