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Semester II Lenovo Playing in Android Market



Not only play in low-end segment, Lenovo Mobile also plans to bring their flagship mobile phone named LePhone this year. Patience alone, this unique Android phone will attend the second semester of 2011.

It was mentioned by Charles as the sole agent Merk (ATPM) Lenovo Mobile, Thursday (31/03/2011), on the sidelines of the launch of four mobile phones Lenovo housed in Demat Resto.

“LePhone be signed no later than the end of the year,” he explained to several media. Actually if LePhone it?

For those not familiar with, LePhone a Lenovo-made phone, which some time ago sold only in China. Now LePhone middle stormed the global market before finally visited Indonesia.

At CES 2011 last, Our team had observed that initially the form of mobile Linux OS that can be customized and finally using the Android OS. At that time Chen Shaopeng, Lenovo’s Senior Vice President & President, Emerging Market Group, said that emerging market countries are the target of this product.

This was reinforced by word of Jimmy Lamo as President Director of PT Global Cellular Network as ATPM. “Semester II, Lenovo will play in the Android marketplace,” he explained. Let’s wait this exciting battle.

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