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Qualcomm Aims Windows 8



Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 will be used on a processor with ARM architecture. This means that the mobile phone chipset pembesut can begin to plunge into the computer industry, one of Qualcomm.

This is confirmed by Steve Mollenkopf, executive vice president and group president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, in the event that followed Editors Day in San Diego, USA.

“We’ve introduced the Snapdragon chipset that runs in Windows 8 at the Computex exhibition ago, and currently we are being intensively developed to a level further,” he told several media.

Windows 8 presumably is different from previous series. Windows promised this time could run on low-specification computers, and is compatible with various types of hardware. Thus opening new opportunities for the perpetrators of the technology industry.

“The presence of Windows 8 will indeed open up opportunities for the chip industry players like us to expand into the computer market. And we’re trying to do the chip is already available next year,” said Mollenkopf.

In the future computer processors either notebook or desktop is not only enlivened by Intel and AMD, but the microchip pembesut other licensed from ARM, such as Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Texas Instruments.

“We’re different from other vendors, because we will bring the sophistication of the phone to the computer platform,” said Mollenkopf.

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