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Nintendo 3DS It Can Video Streaming

Nintendo 3ds

Nintendo 3ds

With an application, a handheld gaming device users can now enjoy the Nintendo 3DS streaming video content service.

This week, Nintendo launched the application called Nintendo Video. This application allows users to watch video content in a format specifically either two dimensional or three-dimensional (3D).

However, as quoted from TG Daily, Friday (07/15/2011), because it was launched in Japan and Europe, so for now the new 3DS users in the region can enjoy this service. Nintendo promised to expand its availability to other regions.

For users in the U.S., while Nintendo to replace it with the application of Netflix. As heralded in the event Game Developers Conference earlier this year, 3DS became the first gaming device that offers 3D streaming content from Netflix instant streaming service.

Like the Netflix app for the Wii, users can download the program free 3DS and access as much content they want as long as have an active Netflix account.

This measure shows the effort Nintendo to make its products not only as a dedicated gaming device but also meets the needs of consumers who want more than just play games.

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