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Google Voice Search ‘Already Know’ Indonesian

Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice Search, a search service online to vote, are now available in Indonesian. In the region of Southeast Asia, the new Indonesian language recognized by this service. “This feature was already there long enough, but only this time it is available in Indonesian,” said Henk Prihatna, Indonesia Country Representative of Google. Indonesian Not without reason was chosen as the first in Southeast Asia. It is not separated from the growing amount of mobile phone users in the country.

“high mobile phone penetration in Indonesia. And more and more people conduct mobile searches. Of the ten searches conducted via the desktop, there are six to eight search via the phone,” said Derek Callow, Head of Marketing Google South East Asia. The presence of Google Voice Search itself is claimed to facilitate mobile phone users to search. No need to bother typing and just said the search object, the results appear quickly.

Because it’s available in the Indonesian language, the user can just say what he wanted with his own language. For example, say the monument Monas, the search results directly show the data about it. This service is available for Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, iPhone and Blackberry.

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