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Google Fear Honeycomb Stop by the phone

Google Honeybomb

Google Honeybomb

Usually, Google is happy to indulgence in the source code for Android to be developed into various devices. But this was different with Honeycomb, rakasasa the internet is not going to spit the source code to the public for fear of being used as a smartphone OS.

Honeycomb is the latest version of the Android operating system designed specifically for tablet devices. It is said that’s why Google still has not opened the source code for the system.

“To be quickly used to make some sacrifices our tablet design. Currently we do not want this operating system (Honyecomb-red) used in mobile phones,”said Andy Rubin, Android Chieft, as in the quotation from BusinessWeek, Monday (28 / 3 / 2011).

If the code is launched today Honeycomb, Rubin considers it is not possible to modify it for mobile phone developers. That’s what Google undesirable. Because according to him, using the Honeycomb on the phone can be bad. How bad? Google does not want to explain the details for now.

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