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Fujitsu Delivers Impatient WP7 Phone Mango

Fujitsu WP7 Mango

Fujitsu WP7 Mango

Update Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Mango is scheduled to slide towards the end of this year. But Fujitsu seems to not wait and want to immediately deliver the WP7.

Next month, this Japanese vendor will release a phone with an update Mango WP7 first in the country. Reportedly, the phone will be launched Fujitsu WP7 that this is the kind of waterproof cell phone.

Quoted from Tech Digest on Monday (7/18/2011), mobile phones called IS12T it will be priced at 30 thousand – 40 thousand yen, or about Rp 3.2 million – Rp 4.3 million.

If true, then the handset will be Fujitsu’s first mobile phone WP7 Mango released this year. Fujitsu’s mobile presence could even be ahead of WP7 WP7 Nokia mobile phone.

As is known, after Nokia and Microsoft announced a ‘marriage’, many people who look forward as to what the Nokia flavor WP7. This condition is recognized Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sue Nokia for immediate delivery WP7 phones to market.

Nokia phones WP7 originally planned to begin shipping in 2012. However, Nokia was forced to realize that product before the end of 2011.

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