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Android Gingerbread

android gingerbread

android gingerbread

HTC never promised that some Android smartphone, would have acquired the allocation Android ‘gingerbread’ aka Gingerbread. Taiwanese vendors are on his head and announced that the HTC family line of Desire and Incredible S will get the Gingerbread. In detail, updates will be visited handset Gingerbread Desire, Desire HD, Desire and the Incredible S. Z It’s certainly exciting news for users who want to taste like what Gingerbread permissibility.

“We are pleased to announce that HD Desire, Desire Z, Desire and the Incredible Gingerbread S will receive an update on second quarter 2011,” said a spokesman for HTC, quoted from SlashGear, Monday (02/28/2011). Both HD Desire, Desire and Desire Z long enough on the market. While the S Incredible recently introduced in the event Mobile World Congress 2011, held recently in Barcelona, Spain.

It’s just that I have found no definite date in the handset bergulirnya Gingerbread concerned. But the user is allowed to cool because it has been guaranteed to stay patient and wait for HTC launches the update.

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