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World’s Largest Stock Exchange burglarized Hacker

Nasdaq electronic stock market with the largest volume in the world, so casualties unknown parties. The blow is final on the U.S. stock market.

As quoted by Reuters on Monday (07/02/2011), manager of Nasdaq stock market recognizes the ‘suspicious activity’ on their servers in the U.S..

However, it has not found evidence that the perpetrators of accessing or stealing customer information from the parent company of Nasdaq and Nasdaq manager.

Not say when the burglary took place. Currently, the FBI referred to has been engaged in a joint investigation by an independent forensic firm.

Analysts worry about this attack will be one more blow to the stock market in the U.S.. So far public confidence in the stock market quite hard-hit by financial crisis and the incident in May 2010 on Wall Street.

“There are several instances in recent years which has damaged investor confidence, and it certainly could become one again,” said Tim Ghriskey, Chief Investment Officer at Solaris Asset Management.

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