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Gmail and Google Maps Threatened ‘Expelled’ China

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google’s defiance of the rules established by Chinese censorship has made ??the search engine they should leave the country years ago Bamboo Curtain. Something similar could happen on Gmail and Maps services in this year.

Until now, the Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China claimed to have received the submission of documents from Google to keep offering both services.

Though, as said bureau spokesman Kou Jingwei, this is a mandatory rule in China. Meanwhile, a Google spokesman for China, Jessica Powell, declined to comment about the filing of this company.

Reported by Bloomberg and quoted on Wednesday (30/03/2011), analysts assess, if the correct e-mail and mapping services Google expelled from China, then Google will increasingly dim in there.

Moreover, Baidu, a local search engine that became Google’s competitors in China, are now beginning to spread its wings in the world market share. Not only that, Google also previously had made ??the Chinese government was not happy because it alleges the existence of local sensors that intentionally disrupt the email service.

“Google is facing a big problem in China. Unless they are willing to apologize to the Chinese government, change the way they operate and work together impose censorship based on the desire of local governments. If not, then there will be no agreement between them,” said analyst Christopher Tang, Professor of Business Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles, United States.

According to him, a new dispute between the two shows that the Chinese government has not Google’s decision to forgive who disobey the rules of censorship on Internet searches.

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