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Google’s Call BlackBerry is Strongest Competitor in Indonesia

Google vs BlackBerry

Google vs BlackBerry

BlackBerry smartphone’s performance in the realm of the world may be the middle under pressure. But if speaking in Indonesia, the device made ??by Research In Motion (RIM) is still considered to be one of the strongest players. It was recognized instantly by John Lagerling, Director of Global Partnerships Google’s Android, when encountered in the event Google Mobile Revolution which took place in Tokyo, Japan, 18-20 July 2011.

“In the market the BlackBerry smartphone Indonesia arguably still the strongest. This is because mobile phone users in Indonesia is very fond of chatting,” said John. Even so, it does not mean Google’s Android mobile operating system is the mainstay of her no chance undermine the dominance of the BlackBerry in the country.

The reason, Android, supported by many mobile phone vendors are ready to pour a variety of handsets so that users would be more indulgent in determining needs.

“This is the power of Android, we supported many handsets that allow users more freedom to choose various types of mobile phones,” added John.

The same thing was thrown Execuitve Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. According to him, possessed a wide selection of handsets can not be matched by competitors Android.

“Users have many desires which can not be generalized. Fortunately it comes with various versions of Android phones. Stay up to the user, not the type of cell phone what they need,” he concluded.

Android device itself is currently on meraksasa. In the final data owned by Google, there are more than 550 thousand Android device that is activated every day. While there are now 135 million devices were supported by the Android OS and 250 thousand applications in the Android app market.

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