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5 Year Again, Tablet Android will beat iPad

Ipad Android

Ipad Android

The More emergence of Android-based tablet computer and a pretty good consumer response to these products, are expected to deliver Android beat iPad tablet five more years.

This prediction is disclosed analyst firm Informa. One analyst, David McQueen estimates, Apple’s market share in the realm of tablets that currently occupy the portion of 75 per cent chance of falling into the 39 percent in 2015, at which time the Android market share will grow 38 percent.

“From 2013, as increasingly cheap and sophisticated Android tablets to storm the market, we expect sales will continue to grow until finally surpassed iPad sales in 2016,” said McQueen, quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (08/02/2011).

So far, the Galaxy’s Samsung Electronics is still the best-selling Android tablets. But there are many vendors including Motorola Mobility is also presenting Android tablets with the ability and competitive prices.

“We saw a big explosion in the tablet market in recent years, mainly driven by iPad. And we expect this market will continue to strengthen, grow from under 20 million tablets were sold in 2010 to reach 230 million in 2015,” said McQueen.

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