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Peeking Latest Lenovo Laptop

New Lenovo Laptop

New Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo’s plan would be released several new products in the near future. There are laptops for the business, there are also for home users with limited funds. What kind of product?

Lenovo V14, notebooks aimed at the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has the look quite fashionable. But behind it, the features buried no less sophisticated than an office in the premium class notebook. For example, fingerprint, anti-shock hardrive, face detection, and encryption of data through the application provided.

Diusungnya specification was fairly decent. Later there will be some variant that uses a processor i3, i5 and i7. But in Indonesia, apparently only available version i3 and i5. For Levono graphics card also provides two versions, with onboard GPU and GPU Nvidia GeForce GT255.

Lenovo V14 planned that would begin to be marketed in May 2011, but unfortunately Lenovo still has not dared to reveal the price range.

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