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Google Release Motorola to Huawei?

Google MotorolaMotorola Mobility’s acquisition by Google last year, public attention and make a guess. What great things would be done on the internet giant vendors from the United States (U.S.)? Up to now, have not seen a buzz of collaboration between the two. Instead, Google offers word blew its hardware division to the Huawei.

The news has not confirmed the truth of this came from the preaching of The Wall Street Journal and direct a warm conversation on a variety of sites and tech blogs. Both Huawei and Google until recently shut their mouths.

Huawei itself does have ambitions to grow the handset business in the global arena. Google, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Friday (13/04/2012), the only thing that attracted him to the Motorola simply because of its patent.

Meanwhile, analysts expect the agreement between the two is very possible. If true, this news also shows Google as well as unable to benefit from Motorola. [Read More]

Google: Local Content in Indonesia Less tilled

Google Indonesia

Google Indonesia

Concerns over service operator will be stretching the top (OTT) is understandable by Google and Microsoft are engaged in the business. But according to them, there are more important things, and have not been maximized by operator to boost its business performance in order to rise again.

Director of Strategic Business Development Google Asia Pacific, Michelle Guthrie, there are many opportunities to assess the local businesses that have not been explored by the operator.

“Of the 17 million local company registered in Indonesia, less than 75 thousand which has a website. So, go get the local business online. That’s a big opportunity,” Guthrie said the Indonesian ICT Outlook 2012: Resisting the Doomsday of Big Telco Players, in Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Wednesday (14/03/2012). [Read More]

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[Read More]

Google acquired, Motorola will layoff employees

Google Motorola

Google Motorola

The news is not tasty blow after Google acquired the Motorola Mobility. One report said Motorola plans to terminate the employment (layoff) employees. The number of employees will be laid off pretty much anything, about 800 people. Mentioned Motorola, layoffs will be done before the end of this year and some employees in other business units, namely Motorola Mobility, will also be affected.

As is known, the Motorola Mobility is a business unit of Motorola’s manufacturing and designing consumer products such as Photon, Droid and Droid Bionic Razr. While Motorola Solutions, focusing on product and business customers.

A little look back, Google agreed to buy Motorola Mobility worth USD 12.5 billion. This acquisition not only puts Google in the hardware business, but the important thing is to strengthen the portfolio of Google with thousands of patents owned by Motorola.

Excerpted from the Los Angeles Times, Tuesday (01/11/2011), the shareholders of Motorola Mobility will conduct the voting for this acquisition agreement on 17 November. Google itself is still awaiting approval from regulators, while the board of directors of both companies have approved the agreement.

Google Build Data Center in Singapore

Google Singapore

Google Singapore

Google began to seriously expand in Asia. This online search engine giant will ensure themselves some of the data center or build data centers in this continent, one in neighboring Singapore.

Besides Singapore, Google also confirmed plans to build data center facilities in Hong Kong and Taiwan. So, there will be three pieces of data center Google is soon to enter service in Asia.

Quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (28/09/2011), the investment data center in Hong Kong and Taiwan will each exceed $ 100 million. As for investment in Singapore, Google has not mentioned it. [Read More]

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