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Why Steve Jobs so Mad to Bill Gates?

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

The late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates often do not get along. In his biography book, Jobs assessing Gates has no imagination and love to steal others’ ideas. What about the reason Steve Jobs mad at the Gates?

Gates was trying to figure out the cause of Jobs sometimes angry with him. He considered that because Microsoft could sell far more products than Apple.

“Because the engines Microsoft sold far more than the engine, he was always hard on Microsoft. But not why, he is someone who is brilliant,” said Gates, who still respect the Jobs.

“Our work at Microsoft was a super success but Steve also contributed a great deal and in fact in recent years he was more kind to us, but it was many years he says some harsh things,” he added.

Gates revealed it in an interview with Fairfax Media in Australia. Gates spoke at length about various topics. Including humanitarian activities in the foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He also claimed never to return to Microsoft, a company founded and dibesarkannya.

Lately it appears gossip will return to lead Microsoft’s Gates, after leaving to focus on humanitarian affairs. Gates to make sure it’s not going to do.

“I am still engaged on a part-time with Microsoft, including this week could pass on some advice but it will not change. The Foundation takes all my energy and we thought we had a great impact,” he said, quoted from Sydney Morning Herald, Friday (16/12/2011).

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