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Angry Birds Expansion into China

Angry Birds in China

Angry Birds in China

Angry Birds increasingly spread its wings. The angry bird was ready to expand its expansion into China by opening a store Angry Birds starting next year. Rovio CEO, Peter Vesterbacka announced his plans at a conference in Beijing, China. This store will be presenting a variety of products Angry Birds. Rovio seems to really seriously take advantage of the popularity of the game in there, though she herself knew there was a lot of pirated products Angry Birds in the Bamboo Curtain country.

Angry Birds are so popular in China. This makes Angry Birds pirated merchandise flooded the country, even exported to various countries as well. Vesterbacka claims, Angry Birds is currently the most widely copied brand in China.

When speaking at the conference, Vesterbacka even pointed a bunch of examples of Angry Birds pirated shaped balloon that decorate the room. “The balloon was invented by our friends here in China. We got a lot of inspiration from local producers. So I would say: ‘please copy this product and make a real’,” joked Vesterbacka the audience to laughter.

Vesterbacka said, hoping Rovio Angry Birds merchandise store sales they can generate $ 100 million in the first year of operation. Similarly, quoted from Digital Trends, Tuesday (11/01/2011).

Recently, China has a vehicle to play Angry Birds located in Changsha. This vehicle is claimed to be ‘The Real Version of Angry Birds’ which allows users to play Angry Birds in the physical appearance of a giant-sized. Rather than sue the owner of a vehicle to play, Rovio even invite them to cooperate.

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