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Opera Threatened by Firefox 4 on the Android?

Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Landed the final version of Mozilla Firefox 4 on the Android Market. Browser fire fox logo is apparently ready to compete with other browsers that already exist in Android, especially Opera. Is the Opera feel threatened or just plain face the presence of Firefox 4?

“I emphasize, we do not find Firefox 4 on the Android is a threat. We welcome his presence,” said Phillip Gronvold, Opera Software Product Manager in meeting the media in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Thursday (03/31/2011).

Of course there are special reasons why Opera is not scared by the presence of Firefox 4. There are at least two reasons advanced by Phillip. First, he felt there was a wide market for all players.

“There is still a vast market for everything. Still there are opportunities to grow and there are so many cell phones,” adds Phillip. So who is assumed mobile ecosystem is still healthy for the existence of more competition.

Second, Firefox 4 target market is more limited than Opera. This is due to adopt the Android phone processor ARM v6 or below is not strong enough to operate it. That is according to Philip, only about 25% only Android phone market which can be reached Firefox 4.

“That means about 75% Firefox ignores other Android phones that do not have the processor is powerful enough to operate it. While we are releasing a variety of products that reach approximately 98% of Android phones,” adds Phillip.

Opera Software on Android can also target different versions of Android, and even that is still 1.6 though. This is apparently the underlying belief that the presence Firefox Opera 4 is not a threat to them.

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