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Chromebook, Weapons Destruction Software Piracy?



To this day Indonesia is still tercatatat in 10 countries included in the 301 Priority Watch List released by the United States Trade Representative (U.S. Trade Representative) in 2011.

In Indonesia the report referred to simply trying to enforce the law but still not able to handle cases of piracy. Besides Indonesia, other countries included in this list are Canada, China, Russia, Israel, India, Thailand and other countries.

Piracy in this country also increased from the previous year. If in the year 2009 the number of piracy program on the PC is 86%, then in 2010 and this figure rose to 87%. Research on this piracy as reported by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) in collaboration with IDC in the ‘Global Software Piracy Study 2010. “

Facing this, the government actually did not stay silent. One form of concern the government is just like President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the opening of the National Convention on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in commemoration of World IP Day, 26 April 2011 then.

In his speech the President called on the people to respect and provide protection to the owners of intellectual property rights for the creativity of the nation continue racing. In addition, the President also asked the police, judiciary and Menkopolhukam to work together to combat piracy in the country.

Is that enough? Unfortunately not.

Raids, fines, or even possible arrest is not a weapon powerful enough to overcome piracy. Anywhere in this hemisphere, the eradication of piracy will only be effective if done from the source.

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