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Android So ‘Battlefield’ Opera



Opera released a browser that can almost be used on all platforms. From the CSE adopted the usual mobile phone made ??in China until MeeGo manufacturer, the OS that actually has stalled its development for neglected Nokia. But what is really a platform so that the most important for Opera?

“Java is the most important platform for many cell phone. But the most important thing for Opera to show off the Android. All the people now as if to say, show me where Androidmu,” said Phillip Gronvold, Product Manager at Opera Software on Thursday (31 / 3 / 2011).

Philip also thinks many people wanted to know how good a product on Android, as the popularity of this OS is more looming. So Opera also inevitably focus on developing its products in the platform bearing the green robot.

“It became a kind of battlefield. If you want to show the performance of your application is good, you need to demonstrate excellence in Android. Android platform has become a kind of people,” says Phillip.

“Thus, although the Java become an important target product development, we also ensure our performance in the Android browser is always better,” he added.

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