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Wael Ghonim Touted Google Chief Executive

At Mobile World Congress exhibition, held in Barcelona Spain, chief executive of Google, Eric Schmidt praised the role of its employees, Wael Ghonim in mobilizing the youth movement that overthrew Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. “I’ve talked to him. We are very proud of what he did in Egypt,” Schmidt said when delivering the keynote presentation via the web, as quoted by the Times of India website.

According to Schmidt, Ghonim and his colleagues have successfully used technology such as Facebook and Twitter to express their opinions, and this is a good example for the fight for transparency. Future technology, Schmidt said, will help people to make the world a better place for the community because they have access to better information.

Wael Ghonim are Egyptian citizens who make the page up, “We are all Khaled Said. ” The man who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates serves as Head of Marketing Google Middle East and North Africa. Through Facebook, Ghonim mobilize the masses to take to the streets since January 25, 2011 to demand decline Hosni Mubarak has led Egypt for 30 years.

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